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What's happening to "big fish"???

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This is just one thing we're talking about. What are your thoughts?
Have any other environmental concerns and no where to share it?

We want to hear from you!

We designed our website around an open forum... so you can express your opinions and help come up with practical solutions.

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Mission Statement

Our primary focus is the Campbell River and surrounding areas

  • Bringing "Big Fish" back to   Campbell River!

  • Twisted water temperature affecting Chinook spawners

    Help us facilitate natural spawning and more ideal rearing conditions. We want to promote sustainability and balance in our environment...by "Giving Mother Nature a helping hand!"

    • Addressing

      environmental concerns - coming up with practical solutions.

    • Bringing

      awareness to the community.

    • Creating

      an open forum for sharing ideas.

    • Sharing

      our concerns with conservation-minded people.


    Breaking news!!!

    We're almost done!!! :)

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